MSD Strongbox

MSD Strongbox 1.10

MSD Strongbox is a confidential documents and files manager...

MSD Strongbox is a confidential documents and files manager of maximum security, which can store files in the database and protect them with a password.

To extract the files from the database it is necessary to know the password with which the files where stored. ? If you have confidential files on your computer you want to keep private, without anyone being able to see them or edit them, MSD Strongbox is the solution.

With this program you can store all kinds of documents, contracts, presentations, images, videos, etc. ? MSD Strongbox is ideal for a safe transportation of confidential documents on removable disks and Pen Drives, as it can be installed on this type of storage devices.

? MSD Strongbox features a first level data management technology, that allows to sort, group and filter the information by any field or combination of fields.

Any combination of sorting, grouping or filtering can be visualized or printed in a report and also can be saved to disk in order to be recovered at any time.

? This advanced data management technology allows to see, for example, the documents grouped by field type, by date, etc. The possibilities are infinite.

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